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    *My name is Misatiha Liashi. My friends call me Misata. I am 14 years old, and you could say I ran away from home, but only to protect those that I care about there. Even though I did, there are people that I know that have died, or disappeared completely; like old man Chi and John.*
    *I am what is known as a Keyblade bearer, a person who is to protect and maintain the balance of the worlds'. Found out that Mom has been dead since I first went comatose, which was when I was four, and was replaced with a Nobody. A Nobody who's goal was to get close to me. Which makes me think that Organization XIII wants something from me, but I still have no idea what.*
    *Speaking of figuring things out, the voices I hear are actually the hearts that are inside the Heartless'. I can hear their hearts cry out in pain, and since my heart has been through much pain, I kind of just attract them. When I listen to them, their hearts pain slowly begins to disappear. I am not quite sure how I do it, but I do. And, when their heart becomes devoid of darkness, I see a bright flash of light.  Within that light I can see what form the heart once had, smiling, then they disappear, with the heart floating up into even brighter light. I still am not quite sure what I am doing, but it seems to be helping them and reducing the number of Heartless, which is the opposite of what Ansem wanted. Also, that birthmark that looks like a tattoo on my left arm, it warns me when there is something/someone that wishes to harm me is nearby. Which mainly is those in league with the Darkness.*


    Misata had traveled to many worlds, saving people, and looking for Sora.  She now found herself once again at Radiant Gardens. Though, her instincts, and birthmark were warning her of danger, she felt that something good might come out of this day.
    Since Misata could feel a lot of danger, and yet see none, she decided to go see Leon and the others where she had met them the first time. When she entered the building, no one could be seen.
    "Helloooo. Anyone here?"
    No answer.
    Misata then walked up to the unattended computer she remembered Cid sitting at. She noticed that there were plans displayed on it. That of the renovating castle and ... an offensive plan? It appeared that everyone was planning an offensive against the castle with a Heartless symbol on it. From the plans, Misata was able to tell that the renovated castle was their main base, that the assault was going to begin soon, and that she and Sora were considered wild cards? Misata didn't know why, but she guessed it might be because they could not confirm whether or not either her, or Sora would show.
    After memorizing the assault plan, she decided to go ahead and meet everyone on the battle ground. As Misata was walking on the only road to the castle, there was a split in the road going left and right, with right going to the castle. Though to the left, there seemed to have been a wall there once, but was now replaced with a sturdy wall made out of scraps of material. But, from Misatas current position, she could easily jump over it.
   Which is what she was going to do, until she felt something. The dark presence that was radiating off of the Heartless castle increased. Just as quickly as the dark presence increased, did the number of Heartless appear all around the Heartless castle, and in the valley between it and town. Just as quickly as this occurred, a bell began to ring at the renovated castle, and it was easily seen that the town security system had been upgraded and put into full defensive mode. Not only that, but Misata was able to see people already on the other side of the wall, heading to the valley to fight.
    "Darn, looks like I am late to the party" Misata said, with a slight smile appearing on her face.
    With that, Misata jumped over the wall, ready to join the fight.


    From Misata's memory, the plan was to get to the Heartless' castle as fast as possible, so that it could be destroyed. But to do so, they had to rush the Heartless and only focus on what was in front of them. It also appeared the Heartless were not too concerned with the assault team that was charging through their ranks. Instead, they seemed focused on her, something in town, and another spot on the battlefield. 
    Every now and again, Misata could see a Heartless or two suddenly be sent flying, or magic being cast at that other spot on the battlefield. She guessed that it was another assault group. But, with the spot in town that the Heartless seemed occupied with, the town security system wouldn't even let a single Shadow slip through. Though Misata was curious about the two spots, and what it was that had the Heartless' attention, she focused on the Heartless that would not leave her alone. When it became difficult for her to maintain her offensive rush, she would jump up, and straight ahead into another group of Heartless, but not without clearing the area with a little magic while in the air.
    This continued for some time, with Misata beginning to come to her limit.
    *This is really difficult to do by myself.*
    *Wait, I am not alone. Though, I do hate asking them to do this.*
    Misata quickly stood in a defensive position, taking any strike that came at her.
    *Please, friends, hear me. I ask for your assistance.*
    *'Friends. Friends.'*
    With that response, the Heartless in the immediate area stopped attacking and slowly moved back as holes of darkness began to appear, forming a ring around Misata. From these holes, Heartless appeared, though their eye color was not yellow, but red.
    "You think you guys can buy me some time?"
    *'Yes. Yes.'*
    "Alright, just don't go getting yourselves hurt or killed for my sake."
    The Heartless did not respond, but she felt a wave of approval, or acceptance of the statement and began to fight the other Heartless. While Misata was resting, she noticed that the second assault group had pushed further ahead, and that what attracted the Heartless to the town seemed to actually be a someone. Misata figured this since the spot those Heartless were attracted to was now on the battlefield behind her. The longer she looked at that spot, the more nervous and worried she became, yet she did not know why. At this point of the battle, there was no turning back. So, after Misata caught her breath, she began pushing forward, in sync with the Heartless that she had summoned.


    Misata was taking her second breather within the circle of Heartless she had summoned. Her and her Heartless had gained speed and caught up with the second assault group. They were about half way through the valley, with the main assault group almost at the Heartless castle. What ever, or who ever, was in the group that was behind her made her nervous. For some reason, she couldn't help but worry about that group, even while she was fighting. She knew she should consider it a distraction, but her instincts told her that she should not ignore it. As she began to ponder about it more, she felt her birthmark begin to burn. She quickly pushed everything out of her mind to focus on the pain. She felt that something, an attack, was going to come from behind. Misata quickly turned around with her Keyblade in a blocking position.
    What had hit her Keyblade appeared to be a bullet made of energy.
    *Wait! I know this attack!*
    Quickly, Misata looked up at the source and saw that a small portal had disappeared.
    "Damn it! Come out and fight me Organization XIII! Especially the blue-haired guy! I am going to pay you back for what you did to the old man!" yells Misata.
    "Now, what would be the fun in that?" said a voice that Misata recognized.
    *Eye-patch. Where are you hiding?!"
    Misata then begins looking for the man with the eye-patch. Not with just her eyes, but her instincts as well. After some time, and blocking of more bullets, which just made Misata angrier since she knew he was only playing with her again, she had a feeling where he was. She quickly pushed in the direction in which she felt his presence...or so she thought. Instead of the man with the eye-patch, she found the blue-haired man.
    *How did I mix their presences up? Oh who cares. This works out just perfectly.* Misata thought, with a slight dark smile appearing on her face.
    "I am going to get you back for killing the old man." 
    With that statement, Misata had a dark aura begin to surround her. Misata didn't notice since she was so angry, but there was a slight smile that appeared on the blue-haired mans face.


    Misata and the blue-haired man had been fighting for what felt like hours to Misata, which it could have been for all she knew. As their fight continued, the darkness that was surrounding Misata continued to grow since she kept getting angrier and frustrated as the fight continued.
    The blue-haired man was currently swinging his weapon, which appeared to be a Claymore, and Misata was ready to intercept, when something covered in fire intercepted instead. The blue-haired man jumped back when his attack was intercepted, and he appeared quite angry. Misata was not sure what was going on, but she saw that the 'fire ball' was returning towards her. Just before it reached her, a hand came from behind her to grab it. The fire disappeared to reveal a weapon, a chakram from its appearance.
    Misata felt the person behind her bend down, and say in her ear, "Don't let the Darkness overtake you."
    "This has nothing to do with you!" she hissed back.
    "It has more to deal with me than you think Misata."
    The man walks out from behind Misata to stand next to her. Misata was then able to see that this man wore the same black coat as the members of Organization XIII.
    *Lea?! Why does that name sound so familiar?*
    With that, the blue-haired man, identified as Isa, and the hooded man, identified as Lea, began fighting one another.
    *There is no way I am letting this guy stop me from fighting X-face, or Isa, or whoever he is.*
    With that thought, Misata joins in the battle. She aims for Isa, though that caring to work together with Lea either. Though, whenever a powerful attack was aimed at Misata, Lea would jump in to block it. This got on Misata's nerves.
    The fighting continued this way for awhile. Suddenly, all three stopped fighting for a moment due to an increase in loud noise near them. When Misata looked, she was able to tell it was the second assualt team. They, for some reason, had moved towards where the three were currently fighting. When Misata looked back at Isa, she saw that he was leaving towards a portal.
    "Don't you dare leave yet! I am not through with you!"
    "By all means, jump into the Darkness."
    "Misata! No!" Lea says, grabbing her arm as she tries to follow Isa through the portal he summoned.
    Misata quickly broke Lea's grip, but was too late to follow Isa as his portal closed. When this happened, Misata yelled up at the sky in anger. The Darkness surrounding her growing in intensity, which the Heartless that she summoned seemed to be affected by it, though slight. Misata then decides to give chase by continuing her way through the valley quickly, without any regard to her well being, and instincts. By doing so, she left everyone behind to fend off the Heartless in the valley alone since her Heartless disappeared when she left.


    Misata had gotten to the other side of the valley, with many wounds on her. But, she completely ignored the pain. Instead, she enjoyed it. Deep down inside, she knew she shouldn't be thinking this and that the Darkness was the cause for her feeling this way, but she didn't care. She actually started enjoying the feeling and power that the Darkness was giving her.
    Misata was also trying to catch her breath since she didn't take a single break since she came charging to the other side of the valley. On the way here, she had noticed that the main assault team had not made it this far. Actually, they started being pushed back. Misata didn't care about the plan anymore. All she wanted to do was get payback for the death of Chi, and she will do anything to do it.
    Misata held her breath. *I-I know this voice. But how-?* 
    As Misata turns around, all the anger inside her quickly vanishes, as does the Darkness. It was instead replaced with shock, and deep down inside, happiness.
The Hidden Secrets of Kingdom Hearts Chapter 13
Since it has been awhile since I have written, let me give you a run down of things.
1. My style of writing may no longer be the same (which kinda works great since I am skipping doing worlds (unless asked) and jumping straight into the main story in which Misata has gained much experience and has changed as a person (Or that is how I feel anyways)Kirito Smiling Icon )
2. I have not fully thought out what was going to happen in this chapter Kirito Sigh Icon , so I apologize for this chapter.  Yuuki Bowing Icon 
3. Since I am skipping worlds', it is not explained how Misata finds out things, but she did. And some what she has found out was described in the beginning. 
4. Also, she knows more versions of magic, which I am sure you probably guessed Kirito Worried Icon 
What's up with all these SAOII emoticons huh? Anyways...HEY NOW 

Please comment, it lets me know what you guys think about this, and if I should continue or not. Hope you enjoyed Asuna (Smile 1) [V1] 

Next: WIP

            Misata was walking in a forest.  She had just landed in a world that just seemed to be a never ending forest.  Just then, she came across a trail.

            *Huh? Looks like there are horse tracks here.  Maybe I should follow them.*

            Misata then started following the horse tracks on the trail.  But, then they went off the trail into the forest.

            *Augh. Into the forest again?!  I can barely see the tracks in the forest. Oh well.  I guess I should follow them.*

            Misata continues to follow the horse tracks until she hears a noise.

            *Huh? What is that? It sounds like horses.*

            Right when Misata had finished thinking this, a group of horsemen come riding up to her.  All of them were wearing gold armor, but one’s gold armor was shinier and better looking than the others.

            “Excuse me miss, but have you seen this man, Flynn Rider?” said the soldier that was wearing the good looking armor, showing Misata an image of a man…but with an odd shaped nose.

            “No sir. Should I be looking for him?” Misata responded.

            “No. Just inform one of the guards of the kingdom that you found him and give them his location.  Good day.” said the good gold armor wearing soldier, nodding his head goodbye.  After the soldier said this, he and his company rode off in the direction Misata came from.

            *A kingdom huh? Maybe I should follow them.  It would be nice to get a change of scenery.*

            But before Misata could decide, she heard another noise, but this time from the bushes.  Misata summoned her Keyblade, prepared to fight when a big white horse comes jumping out of the bushes in a pounce like position.

            “Oh. It’s just a horse.” said Misata, dismissing her Keyblade.  The white horse also calmed a bit, a little bit confused. “Hey buddy, are you lost?” asks Misata as she gets close to the horse and begins to rub him. 

            In response, the horse shook his head no.

            “Really now.” Misata said smiling.  She then noticed that there was a name attached to the harness the horse was wearing. “Maximus huh? That’s a courageous name you have their Maximus.  Oh. Now I get it. You’re that soldier with the shining gold armor’s horse now aren’t you?”

            Maximus replied with a nod of his head and a neigh. 

            “So you’re looking for that wanted man Flynn Rider?”

            As the name Flynn Rider was said, Maximus instantly got back down into a crouch and started sniffing the ground.

            *What an odd horse* “Hey Maximus, why don’t I give you some company while you’re looking for Flynn Rider.”

            Maximus looked up at Misata, and got really close to her face and starred into her eyes.  After a few seconds, Maximus nodded his head with a snort.

            *What a very odd horse*


            Both Misata and Maximus began walking around in the forest searching for signs of Flynn Rider.  All of a sudden Maximus jumped and began running in a direction.

            “Hey, wait for me.”

            But as soon as Misata yelled this, Heartless appeared.

            “What?!  Man, I was hoping not to run into you guys today.”


            “Whew.  There were a lot of them.” Misata said while whipping the sweat off her forehead and looking around.  “Man, I lost track of Maximus.  What should I do now?”

            Misata looked up at the sky for a moment and thought. Just then, she felt a dark presence.

            *What?  Darkness?  Why didn’t I sense it before?*  As Misata thought this, she began trying to find out from which direction she can feel the darkness coming from.  When she did, she began running in that direction.

            As Misata ran for a couple of minutes in the forest, she began to hear singing, but ignored it since she was trying to track the darkness she sensed.  A few minutes later Misata stopped running.

            *Strange, the presence of darkness is beneath me…and it is moving. Is there an underground tunnel here?*

            The presence of the darkness continued moving, and Misata followed. She continued following it until she saw an open valley.  She had a feeling that the dark presence would come out here, so she ran ahead.  When she arrived, she saw that there was a dam on the other side, with a ledge and tunnel just beneath it.

            Just as Misata was taking in everything she saw, a man and woman ran out of the tunnel she had just saw.  She could see that the two of them were in a bit of a panic.  Shortly after those two came out of the tunnel, Misata felt the presence of the darkness she was tracking grow.  She looked down and saw two men break through another tunnel entrance that had been barricaded.  She could feel that they were after the one of the two that had come out of the earlier tunnel.

            *I have to do something.* As Misata thought this, she remembered the dam on the other side. *It might cause more trouble, but I can at least slow those two down*

            Misata then started running around to the other side of the cliff, so that she could get to the dam.  As she was doing this, she saw that the soldiers she had seen earlier were after the man and woman, along with Maximus.  A fight started shortly after the woman used…her hair?! to swing across a large gap.  When Misata had gotten to the dam, and slightly onto it, she started swinging her Keyblade at it, trying to make a big enough hole to flood the lower part of the canyon.  

            As Misata was almost done, she suddenly felt a shaking on the dam.  She noticed that Maximus started kicking at a support pillar for the dam.  At this time, the man and woman were together again on the other side of the gap.

            *Wha --- Oh shit.* As Misata thought this, she jumped off the dam onto the ground. *The dam is going to completely break now.*  Just as Misata began thinking this, she heard the dam starting to break. *Gotta warn them*  Misata quickly got up and started running towards the people down in the canyon.  But, Misata knew she would be unable to warn them, for they were all too focused to notice the cracking noise getting louder.


            There went the dam.  But that did not stop Misata.  She continued to run.  She wanted to make sure everyone, other than the two thugs, were going to be alright.  Misata wasn’t too worried about the soldiers since they had a great (and very odd) horse, Maximus.  It was the man and woman she was worried about.  Misata then noticed that they were running for a tunnel.  Even though Misata did not know what was on the other side, she knew that she had to close that entrance.  She then noticed a giant rock formation.  Misata quickly summoned her Keyblade and aimed before saying, “FIRE!”  With that spell, Misata created a large enough fire-ball that made the rock pillar to begin falling and semi-sealed the entrance to the tunnel, just as the man and woman entered it.

            “Whew. Just in time. You two better hope you chose the right tunnel. That man though, he seemed really familiar for some reason…Flynn Rider?  But he doesn’t look anything like his wanted poster. Hmm.”  As Misata was trying to figure it out, she felt that the two thugs from earlier were alive, but had been swept far from her.

            “Ugh. Damn, now I have to go chase them down again.” Misata said, reluctantly.


            While Misata was searching for the two thugs, the day had ended, and a new day had risen. She was walking around in the forest groggily for she did not get much sleep due to the presence of the darkness she was tracking getting stronger, and then vanishing. While deep in thought, the bushes behind her began trembling.  Misata turned and summoned her Keybleade ready.  Suddenly a white horse jumped out ready to fight.

            “Nice to see that you’re doing okay after the dam collapsed Maximus” smiled Misata, dismissing her Keyblade.

            Maximus also replied with a confused sort of neigh, for he did not remember seeing Misata at the dam.  Then his ears pricked, for it seemed he heard a noise, and got into a hunting crouch.  Misata saw this and started following Maximus.

            *Best to follow him since I have no idea where to go next.*

            Misata then came into a small clearing.  There were two people sleeping, a man and a woman.  The exact two that were being chased in the canyon earlier.  Misata then noticed that Maximus was hovering over the man.  The man, who appeared to be Flynn Rider, woke up and said dreamily, “Well, I hope you’re here to apologize.”

            At that statement, Maximus grabbed Flynn’s boot and started dragging him off as Flynn yelled, “AHHHHHH!!! Nononononono!” Which woke the girl up.  She quickly ran over grabbing Flynn’s hands telling Maximus to “Let go!”

            It seemed to be a tug-of-war match between the girl and Maximus.  Misata stood just on the edge of the clearing, watching, unsure of what to do.  While trying to figure this out, Flynn had been slammed against a tree, and Maximus was charging for him when the girl stood in the way.  She was trying, and successfully called Maximus down.  He was even beginning to act like a dog. 

            At the sight of this, Misata could not help but start laughing.  This caused all three of them to focus their attention on her.

            “Ah, I’m sorry.” Misata said, still laughing. “I haven’t laughed this hard in years” she said after calming herself down. “My name is Misata, and I’m kinda…lost.”

            “Oh, my name is Rapunzel. This is Pascal and Eugene.” Said the girl, pointing to a chameleon and Flynn Rider. Rapunzel then faced Maximus again and said, “Today is kind of a biggest day of my life. And the thing is, I need you not to get him arrested” pulling Eugene up.

            Maximus obviously did not like this deal, for he neighed disapprovingly.

            “Just for 24 hours, then you can chase each other to your hearts content. OK?”

            After a moment of deliberation from Maximus, he agreed and Eugene and Maximus shook hands…hand and hoof?

            “You can join us too.” said Rapunzel to Misata.

            “Thanks.” Misata responded, with a slight smile on her face.

            Just then some bells nearby started ringing and Rapunzel started walking towards them.  As soon as she saw where they were originating from, she got really excited.  The bells were coming from what appeared to be an island with a large bridge going to it.

            *This must be that kingdom that soldier from earlier was talking about.*

            Misata noticed while walking the bridge that Maximus and Eugene were going at it, until they saw Pascal looking at them from Rapunzel’s head.  As soon as Pascal made a face, Maximus and Eugene stopped fighting…well, other than bumping into each other.  Misata could not help but laugh inwardly a little bit.

            *There are some strange animals here*

            Upon arriving in the walls of the kingdom, Flynn got some nearby girls to put Rapunzel’s long hair up. This aloud Rapunzel to move about freely without having to worry about her hair.  They then went about the town, sight-seeing, and killing time until it was dark.  Misata also found out why Rapunzel wanted Eugene not to be arrested and why they were waiting for dark.  Everyone was having fun, and it seemed that the more time Eugene and Rapunzel spent together, the closer they appeared to become.  Upon noticing this, Misata became saddened.

            *I wonder how Ticaro, and everyone else is doing? Everything was a mess when I left.  I hope they are doing alright.*

            Misata was then shaken out of her thoughts when she heard a man yell, “To the boats.”  Everyone began to scatter and rush for boats.  But, Misata and Maximus stayed behind on the dock and let Rapunzel and Eugene have this moment.  Besides, this was the whole reason they traveled to this kingdom.  Even so, there was a chill crawling up Misata’s back, for she had still been unable to find the two thugs.  Also, it felt that something was going to happen that would jeopardize the lives Rapunzel and Eugene were currently living.  This was something Misata did not want to happen, for she knew what it was like to have the life your living ripped out underneath you, and start living a life you did not want, or were not prepared for.

            As the chill grew, Misata instantly forgot about it when lanterns began to fill the night sky.  Misata could not help but stand there, for who knows how long staring, and admiring the lanterns.

            Suddenly, Misata felt the dark presence.  It was strong enough for her to be able to sense it across the lake.  “There is something wrong.” Misata muttered.  This sentence got Maximus’s attention and stared out onto the lake, looking for Rapunzel and Eugene.  A few minutes pasted, when they both heard a commotion nearby and saw that Eugene was being arrested.  Eugene was fighting and shouting Rapunzel’s name, which made Misata know that her fear had come true.


            That night, Misata and Maximus were racing through the forest. When Maximus stopped in front of a building, Misata dismounted him.  “You sure you can find help here?”

            Maximus neighed an approval.

            “Alright. I will meet up with you later. There is something I need to find.”

            At this, Misata turned from the building that had a sign saying The Cuddly Duckling, and walked into the forest. She began her hunt for the source of the darkness that had continued to grow since the lanterns. (Author’s Note: Misata is aware that the two thugs have been arrested and no longer bear darkness in them. Well, any dangerous darkness anyways)


            It was the next day when Misata was able to find a hidden tower.  She was able to tell that the darkness was growing inside.  As she approached, she heard a horse running up behind her.  Eugene was mounted on Maximus, and were coming full speed at her.

            *I guess Rapunzel is inside too.  This is not good*

            As Eugene says “Rapunzel, let down your hair.” her hair comes out of the tower.  Eugene then begins climbing her hair, and Misata followed after. 

            As Misata is about to go through the window, she couldn’t believe what she is seeing. Rapunzel gaged and chained up, and a women standing over Eugene with a knife, while he is clutching himself.  Misata quickly hid herself on the window ledge, so that the woman would not see her.  She continued to hide, for she had a feeling that it was not a good idea to get involved just yet.  Besides, she still had to confirm the source of darkness, which she had a feeling was that woman.

            While Misata was making sure things did not get worse, and that the woman was indeed the source of the darkness, Rapunzel had struck a deal with the woman.  The woman, Rapunzel’s ‘mother’ accepted the deal of allowing Rapunzel to heal Eugene in exchange for staying with her forever. Before letting Rapunzel near Eugene, she chained him up to a support beam.

            Right when Rapunzel was going to start healing Eugene, he cuts her hair with a shard of glass.  This made Rapunzel’s ‘mother’ snap.  She grew furious, and darkness began to appear around her.  A heartless was being born of her heart, as she groveled at the shock of Rapunzel’s hair turning brown.  At this, Misata jumps in yelling, “Stay with Eugene!” and begins fighting Rapunzel’s ‘mother’.


            It took time for Misata to defeat the fake mother, for she had to protect both Rapunzel and Eugene.  When she was done, she stood behind Rapunzel and watched as she cried.  When Rapunzel started singing, one of her tear’s touched Eugene.  As it did, a bright light appeared from Eugene’s wound.  When the light disappeared, the wound was gone, and Eugene began to awaken.  When he did, Rapunzel and Eugene exchanged words, and Rapunzel leapt into his arms.

            *Thank goodness. I was afraid he wasn’t going to make it. Whew. I guess love conquers all, even near death experiences…and in the deepest of darkness.* Misata thought happily.

            “Misata, thank you.” said Rapunzel.

            “It was nothing.”

            “What are you going to do now?” asked Eugene.

            “I have done what I came here to do. So, I will continue on my journey.”

            “What journey?”

            “Oh, I didn’t mention that?”

            “Why don’t you come with us? I need to go to the castle.”

            “No. As much as I appreciate the offer, I really should move on. But, I do wish you the best of luck with your new lives.”

            As Misata said this, Eugene and Rapunzel looked at one another and blushed a bit.

            “What about you? Surely there is a man in your life.” Eugene says.

            “No---” Misata then blushed, remembering Ticaro.

            Rapunzel and Eugene saw this and smiled. Rapunzel then said, “I wish you luck with your life as well.”

            Misata had turned away and was about to leave this world when Rapunzel said this.  She just made a humming sound in response to Rapunzel’s statement.  Misata then disappeared in front of Eugene and Rapunzel, with a blush across her face.

The Hidden Secrets of Kingdom Hearts Tangled

Sorry to all of you who have watched Tangled recently, this does kinda sum up a large portion of the movie.  Also, sorry if there is an inconsistency in detail.  I decided it was best not to reiterate the entire movie, so I just tried to mention key things.  I am also aware that my writing may not be in the same style, I apologize for that as well.

Due to the length of the story so far, I am pretty much going to skip doing individual worlds and do things that are more important to the storyline itself.  But, I will take requests for any world’s you would like to see Misata go to. (Even if they are not currently rumored, or existing Disney worlds).  I honestly would like to see how she would behave and react in other worlds. 

I had actually started writing this within a year after the movie came out, and I decided the above when I was almost done with it. XP

I am aware this is bad, and I am not too pleased about it.  I am also rusty from writing creatively (thank you technical writing and engineering classes).Eye Roll  Megatron roll eyes 

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it. Wink/Razz 

Chapter 12 (most recent Chapter):…

After what? 5 years? I finally uploaded the 4 chapters that I have had done since then (roughly). The 13th one is in progress (actually want to work on it tomorrow). But knowing my luck, I won't be and I will disappear for another 5 years XD But, I plan on not disappearing for awhile :)

          *“Darkness. Light. Which is right, and which is wrong.”*


          *“Light or Darkness. Which am I?”*


          “Ugh.” groaned Misata.

          Misata had just woken up from passing out and found herself in a bed on the far side of the room.

          “Ah. Your awake.” said a familiar voice.

          As Misata faced who it was she jumped in shock as she saw Merlin.

          “What is the matter kid?” asked Cid.

          “Sorry. I was just hoping all this was a dream.” said Misata looking down at her lap.

          The feeling in the room and just turned gloomy, so to change the subject Cid said, “The old man is curious about that tattoo of yours.”

          “Why you!” shouted Merlin.

          “Huh? This thing? It is actually a birth mark. Why?”

          “It is just that before you passed out, you started to grip your arm right where that mark is. I also felt a bit uneasy around that time too.”

          “You always feel uneasy about a lot of things old man.”

          “What?! How rude of you.”

          While those two continued to bicker Leon, Aerith, and Yuffie returned from patrolling the town.

          “Yea. Misata is awake.” said Yuffie running up and hugged Misata practically to the floor.

          “You had some pretty bad injuries on you. Must have been in a pretty tough fight.” said Leon.

          “Well it wasn’t when I first met her. She fought those Heartless like a pro. So it had to be earlier.”

          “Not that it is any of our business, thanks to Merlin your all healed now.”

          “The only thing he can fix.” said Cid who had stopped fighting with Merlin.

          “The ONLY thing?! Let me fix that mouth of yours.” said Merlin angrily.

          “Those two never stop fighting do they.” said Yuffie with her hands on her hips.

          “How did he heal me so fast?”

          “He used magic.” answered Aerith.

          “Magic?” When Misata asked this, she remembered the time she had healed Ulna. But for some reason, she had a feeling that it wasn’t the type of magic she used before. But instead, she had a feeling it was like that fire magic she used on the eye-patched man.

          “Merlin, can you teach me how to use magic?” asked Misata, standing up.

          “Of course. I can teach you the spell and you would be able to use it.”


          After a minute or two, Misata had learned the magic spells fire and cure.

          “I am giving you cure early since you might be in several tough fights, and I believe you have the power to use it. Sometimes the spells will upgrade themselves, when they believe you are ready.” said Merlin.

          “An upgrade?”

          “A more powerful spell.”

          “Oh, ok.” Then Misata remembered something. “Do you know where I can find a man named Yen Sid?”

          “Yen Sid? Yes. I can send you there if you want.”

          But before Misata said yes, she remembered her Gummi ship. “I can’t leave my Gummi ship.”

          “Don’t worry. I will send it there with you.”

          “Thank you. Oh, um. What was Sora doing here anyways?”

          “He was asked to check up on the worlds since there seems to be Nobodies everywhere again.” said Yuffie.


          “Yeah. Sora and the others defeated Organization XIII not too long ago. But it seems that they are somehow back. And-”

          “Yen Sid will explain it all to her” said Leon, stopping Yuffie.

          “Alright then, shall we?” asked Merlin.

          Misata nodded.

          “Here you go.” said Merlin, waving his wand.



    Outside of a giant and mysterious tower, a large puff of smoke appeared. Within that smoke was Misata and Merlin.

    “Go into the tower and up to the top floor, there you will meet Yen Sid. I’m afraid I have to go back now. I do hope you are able to find whatever you are looking for.” said Merlin, disappearing in a new puff of smoke.

    “Yeah. Me too.” said Misata, looking up at the sky.

Misata then started for the tower. When she got inside, she was amazed by how big it was. After looking around, she started for the stairs and worked her way up to the top floor.

    *It’s so quiet here, as if no one lives here. It’s so weird. And there are no other floors here. Is Yen Sid the only one living here?*

    After walking up the stairs for 5 minutes, she reached a big door. Misata stood beneath the door for a moment, amazed at how big it was, and pushed open the door. On the other side was a room that seemed like a study. Misata could feel a strong presence, yet not see anyone around.

    “Hello? Is anyone here?”

    “Yes, and you should know that. See by your feelings not your eyes. I am sure you have been taught something similar to that.” said a voice.

    The voice came from a tall elderly man in a blue robe and hat like Merlin, coming from a room that was on the right side of the study.

    “Huh? You sound like a Master of mine.”

    “Well, your Master was a student of mine a long time ago.” said the strange man, sitting down at his desk in the middle of the room.

    “You mean your old man Chi Ying’s Master?!” said Misata in shock.

    “Yes.” nodded the strange man, “And I have been expecting you Misata.”

    “What?” Misata was taken aback by how this stranger knew her, and then she asked, “Are you Yen Sid?”

    “Yes.” nodded Yen Sid, “Speaking of Chi, how is he?”

    “The old man?” Misata had a sad look on her face and said, “He, um, died trying to save me.”

    “I see. Might I ask; was he saving you from men in black coats?”

    “Y-Yes. How did you know?”

    “The stars know many things, but not all I’m afraid. Your worlds heart was protected at first then became isolated to the point where it would not give information, only receive.” said Yen Sid, pointing at the stars through his window.

    “That’s why you asked about the old man? Because my world didn’t say anything?”

    “Yes. However, your world was so isolated that any information sent to that world had a delay or was incomplete.”

    “A delay? Incomplete?”

    “Yes. What was it that Chi told you about the Heartless and Nobodies?”

    “Well, he told me that the Heartless were controlled by a man named Ansem and that the Nobodies are controlled by a group called Organization XIII. Why?”

    “I am afraid that that is very old news.”


    “Ansem is no more, and Organization XIII is now gone.”

    “What? But that’s not true.”

    “What do you mean?”

    “I’ve seen Ansem in a dream, fought him and was put into a coma, and the men in black cloaks were from Organization XIII.”

    “There is another Keyblade wielder that sometimes has dreams or visions of Ansem. But how do you know that those men were from Organization XIII?”

    “Um.” Misata hesitated and looked at the ground, then she looked Yen Sid in the eye, “It’s a feeling I have.”

    “I see. Trust those feelings of yours and you cannot go astray.” Yen Sid closed his eyes for a moment, opened them again and said, “I see that your heart is still open to all the worlds’.”

    “Huh? Wait, is the ‘we’ the old man spoke of was you?”

    “Yes. Same for John, Merlin, and others that no longer exist.”

    “Oh, I see.”

    “Now, from what the worlds have told me, you were at Radiant Gardens yes?”

    “Huh?” asked Misata, confused.

    “The world that Merlin was on.”

    “Oh. Yeah.”

    “Did he tell you anything that is going on?”

    “Um, Yuffie started telling me something about the Nobodies being back.”

    “Hmm. Then I will start there. Nobodies have been in existence as long as the Heartless have. Now there has been a sudden increase in both beings numbers. I am unable to tell why, but they are organized. The new leader of the Heartless is a witch named Maleficent, but the Nobodies leader it seems is Organization XIII again. And there goals are perhaps the same again.”

    “There goals?”

    “Yes. In the past both groups have tried to bring forth Kingdom Hearts. But for the Heartless, it was Ansem and not Maleficent that tried bringing forth Kingdom Hearts. They did succeed in this task; however, a boy named Sora was there to stop both sides from completely succeeding.”


    “Yes. You two were once connected to each other through your dreams, were you not.”

    “Yes. We were able to get connected again recently.”

    “I see. Very well. Misata, I will give you the same task I gave Sora and his friends. Go to the worlds and find out what Maleficent and Organization XIII are up to now and stop them. And you can search for Sora too. When you meet up with him, you may follow him as well if you wish.”

    “Yes Master Yen Sid, and thank you.” said Misata, bowing.

    Yen Sid smiled, “Oh and you need not worry about those Heartless and Nobody ships, they won’t be near this world when you leave.”

    “Thank you.”


    Misata was now in her Gummi ship heading towards a new world hoping to find Sora and completing her mission.

          “Ugh.” groaned Misata. When she opened her eyes, she saw that she was at Chi Yings place.

          *Huh? Was that a dream?*

          But as soon as she got up, she winced in pain.

          *Guess not. Then that means…!*

          Without caring about her pain, Misata shot right up and checked the house. When she didn’t find anyone, she ran to John’s house.

          “John. John. Where are you?”

          But Misata got no answer. When she got to his dining room, she found a letter with her name on it. Inside the letter was a key. The letter read:

          “Dear Misata,

          If you are reading this now that means that you came back safely and that Chi is gone. I left you the key to the ‘shed’ in the back. You need to go see a man named Yen Sid. He will help you get started with your journey. I am sorry, and so is Chi, that we couldn’t go with you on this journey. Please be safe and don’t forget your training.



          P.S. Oh! Right when you leave on the Gummi ship, lock this world so, while your gone, Heartless and Nobodies will not be able to come here. And your kind of lock will knock out all the Heartless and Nobodies of this world too. Chi had the lock on before, but he was an old man so, you know…Be careful.”

          When Misata was done, she had tears coming out of her eyes.

          “So, you left me too huh?”


          Misata was now at the ‘shed’, just standing there.

          *A lot of things have changed so fast.*

          *My name is Misatiha Liashi. The people who respect me call me Misata. I’m 14 and I live in Tokyo. Or used to anyways. I guess I have friends besides Sora. It’s summer so school is out. Everything feels a lot more different than before. *

          *I am a Keyblade bearer that is supposed to protect worlds’. I now know the truth about my past and that Mom died a long time ago. She was also replaced by a Nobody. The old man is dead. John has disappeared. And I don’t know about the Heartless that helped me last night. The tattoo on my left arm is killing me right now and I am completely sore.*

          “Hugh.” sighed Misata. “Time to go see the other worlds’.”

          Misata opened the ‘shed’ door and got into the Gummi ship. As soon as she turned it on, the roof of the ‘shed’ opened up.

          “Dang John. You didn’t tell me about this.” said Misata with a sad, happy smile on her face.


          Misata had locked her world and auto-pilot had been turned on. She was about to put on her headphones and listen to her music when she saw all these Heartless and Dusk looking ships surrounding her world.

          “Shit!” said Misata, turning off auto-pilot.

          Misata then began maneuvering around and shooting down one ship after another.

          *Damn. This is a lot harder than using a Keyblade. Good thing this ship packs a lot of speed.*

          As soon as Misata thought this she put the Gummi ship into high gear. She was able to shoot down some more ships in her way, but wasn’t able to get by all the ships without damage. The worst of the damage was on the engine and right wing. Misata’s Gummi ship was on a spinning, crash course for another world nearby.


          When Misata woke, she was on the ground. As she stood up, she looked around. The place she was in looked like a bit of a market place. There was also a castle nearby that looked almost renovated. Misata then detected a lot of dark power coming from another castle further away. She then saw the symbol on the castle.

          “The Heartless emblem.”

          Then, Soldier Heartless showed up in the market place and started causing a lot of chaos. Just as this started, Misata started attacking the Heartless. Misata’s pain had not gone away, but it did not stop her from fighting the Heartless.

          “What is that?” Misata said, seeing a little cylinder appear from the ground, attacking the other Heartless.

          “That’s the town’s security system.” said a voice.

          The voice came from a girl dressed as a ninja from on top of one of the buildings.

          “Hmm? You’re not from around here are you?”

          “No. But, where is ‘here’?”

          “First, the Heartless.”


          Misata and the ninja girl fought the Heartless’ and beat them in no time.

          “You’re a pretty good Keyblade wielder.”

          “You fight pretty well too.”

          “Hmm.” said the ninja girl, staring at Misata’s Keyblade.

          “Um, so whe-”

          “Follow me. I want you to meet some people.”

          “Huh? Wait up.”

          The ninja girl started running out of the marketplace and towards a building that didn’t seem to match the others. She then opened the doors and walked inside. Misata followed in behind her.

          Inside was a large computer screen. Two boys and a girl were near it. The rest of the place looked like a study.

          “Hey, Leon. You won’t believe what I found.” said the ninja girl.

          “Not now Yuffie. We don’t have time for your little games.” said a tall man that’s supposedly Leon.

          “But, Leon. She’s a Keyblade bearer.”

          “She?” then Leon and the other boy and girl turned around and saw Misata standing there behind them.

          “Um, hi.” said Misata, a little nervous with everyone staring at her.

          “Are you sure Yuffie. I hope you didn’t force her to do this.” said Leon.

          “What?! I know I have been playing tricks on you guys recently, but come on. I am being serious here.”

          But before anyone could say anything else a big poof of smoke came out of nowhere.

          “Sora, back so soon? Is there something you need help with?” said an old man wearing a blue robe and wizard looking hat.

          When Misata heard Sora’s name her eyes widened. “Has Sora been here?”

          “Huh? You’re not Sora. But I swore I sensed the presence of a Keyblade wielder. Hmm? And I still sense it.” Then the wizard looked at Misata for a while and asked, “What is your name child?”

          “It’s Misatiha Liashi, or Misata for short.”

          “I see. And to answer your question, yes. Sora did pass by here recently.”

          “Merlin, are you sure we can trust this girl?” asked Leon.

          “I don’t feel any hostility from her. She is just lost and confused.” said the girl by the computer.

          “Besides, if she really is a Keyblade wielder, then she can probably help us with our little problem.” said the other guy by the computer.

          “See, Leon, I wasn’t lying.” teased Yuffie.

          “Hugh. Anyways. As you probably already know I’m Leon. The girl that brought you here is Yuffie.”


          “The guy on the computer is Cid.”


          “The girl next to him is Aerith.”

          “It’s nice to meet you.”

          “And that old codger is Merlin” said Cid.

          “Old codger? How dare you.” said Merlin.

          Cid and Merlin then got into an argument. When Misata saw this she started to giggle. When Cid and Merlin heard her they stared at her.

          “I-I’m sorry. It’s just, it’s the first normal thing I’ve seen since…I left home.” said Misata, starting to get sad.

          Suddenly, Misata’s tattoo started to hurt a lot more. Then, there was a lot of shouting and screaming coming from outside.

          “Yuffie.” said Leon.


          “You coming Misata?”

          But before Misata could say anything, she passed out on the floor. Right when a horde of Heartless’ came charging in.


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